The Morrow Project

Psionics in the Morrow Project

By Chris Van Deelen

Edited by David Little

Before I get into the article, I must give full credit to Del Carr and Cheron, the original creators of PSI World for FGU. This article has been all but copied, with slight modifications to the rules so they can be used in TMP. This is NOT my game. The only thing I can take credit for is modifiying it so It Can be used for the MP system.

Chris Van Deelen

The Rules

The following rules for psionics have been converted from FGU's Psi world to The Morrow Project. Feel free to use as much or as little of these rules as you wish.

When generating a character, determine his or her Psi strength. Then, refer to the table below to see the chance the character has of possessing Psionics.
Psi Score  % Chance of Psionics
15 5%
16-17 10%
18-19 15%
20+ 20%
If the character is lucky enough to actually posses Psionics, take the characters Psi score and double it. This is the total number of Psionic power points the character has to use. On the character sheet, write Psi Points, and Psi points spent.

Now, roll 1D100 and compare the result to the table below to see what type of Psionics the character posses.
Roll  Minor Disciplines
01-03 Cyrokenitic
04-06 Pyrokenitic
07-09 Directional sense
10-12 Radar/Sonar
13-15 Forgotten
16-18 Ghost
19-21 Astral Projection
22-24 Poltergeist
25-27 Mind Meld
28-30 Color Distortion
31-33 Invisibility
34-36 Psi Blast
37-39 Null Psi
40-42 Weakness Understanding
43-45 Force Field
46-48 Holo Psi
49-51 Perfect Balance
52-54 Dowser
55-57 Photographic Memory
58-60 Phonographic Memory
61-63 Sense Danger
64-66 Radio Perception
67-69 Lie Detector
70-72 Mender
73-75 Regenerator
76-78 Psi Amplifier
79-81 Roll one additional minor
82-85 Roll two additional minors*
86-90 Roll three additional minors*
91-100 Roll on the major table
If the same ability is rolled again, re-roll.
If 79-100 are rolled, the character must re-roll.
Roll  Major Disciplines
01-11 Precog
12-24 Telepath
25-37 Teleport
38-49 Telekinetic
50-61 Self Aware
62-70 Healer
71-81 Empath
82-90 Animalist
91-93 Roll one major and one minor
94-96 Roll one major and two minors
97-100 Roll Two Majors
Below, whenever a PSI resistance is required, roll 1D20. If the result is below the characters current Psi score, the Attack is resisted.

To increase Psi power points, keep track of the Psi Points spent. When the Points spent equals the current Psi power point total, roll 2D6 and consult the following chart. Example: If the character has 40 PSI power points, once he/she has spent 40 points roll on the chart below. The same goes if the character has 200 PPP. After they have spent 200 points, they get to roll again.
Roll  Power Points Gained
2 1
3 2
4 3
5-9 5
10 7
11 9
12 10
Spent power points are regained through sleep, no other means. The percentage of power regained depends on the time spent sleeping. Consult the chart below.
Hours of sleep % of power regained
less than 3 0%
3-4 25%
5-6 50%
7-8 75%
8+ 100%
Psionic abilities always succeed. No roll is required, unless one is required in the description of the Psionic power.

Maintaining Psionic powers

It is possible to maintain a psionic ability for more than its given time. When the power is about to shut off, the Psi may decide to extend it by paying the full cost again. If it is an ability that allows a target a saving throw, the target gets another attempt at this time. If it succeeds, the Psi still spends the points, but the attack is broken.

Psionic Descriptions: Minor

Two abilities.
  1. Create ice in any location within line of sight. A one meter diameter area, shape variable. It can be used to freeze feet to a floor, freeze a lock shut, etc. Cost, 10 points.
  2. Create a small area of intense cold no more than 18cm in diameter. If used on living flesh, it causes 1 dp per Psi point used.
Two abilities.
  1. Create flame in any location within line of sight. A volume of fire equal to a sphere 1 meter in diameter may be created, the shape is variable. Cost is 10 points. If not used on something flammable, it costs an additional 5 points per round to keep the flame up.
  2. Create a small area of intense heat, 18cm in diameter, doing 2 points of damage per 1 point of psi power used. This will ignite flesh, clothing, ammunition, gasoline, etc.
Directional Sense
The character will never become lost, and is able to retrace his/her path even in the dark or while blindfolded. If this is the only ability the Psi possesses, he/she has no Psi points. If the character possesses more Psi abilities, subtract 25% of the characters starting Psi points. This is a permanent loss, and is used to activate the power.

This is the ability to detect unseen opponents or see in the dark, fog, smoke, etc. It operates in a 360 degree field around the psionic and costs 5 points per turn.

A person will completely forget this Psionic character after an amount of time equal to the time spent with him/her, or after 8 hours of sleep. For cost, see directional sense.

Nearly identical to the teleporter ability 'out of phase' this ability allows the psionic to become insubstantial. He/she can see and hear normally, may pass through material objects and is not affected by material objects. He/she may not affect material objects or speak. Cost 10 points. Duration 1D10+2 rounds. Can be used by the character only; It cannot be used on someone else.

Astral Projection
Allows the character to shift his/her life energy to a point separate from the body. This separation takes 1 round, during which time the body slips into a deep trance state and a shimmering replica appears within 1 meter of the body. This energy clone may move normally, see, hear, and communicate telepathically with anyone within 3 meters. The duplicate is composed entirely of energy, so physical barriers and attacks have no effect, and it cannot attack physically. Psionic attack, or energy attacks will do normal damage, and the character may attack via psionics through the projection. Any damage done to the projection will affect the material body, and any damage done to the material body will recall the clone. The cost is 15 points and will last up to one hour.

The character can cause poltergeist phenomena to occur anywhere in his/her line of sight at a cost of 5 points per use. Each use lasts 1D3+1 minutes. The poltergeist has no control over which power is manifested, nor how long it will last. All he/she can do is start the effect, and a random roll will be used to determine which effect takes place. The following table is provided for the referee's convenience. It contains most of the major documented poltergeist effects. Roll 1D8, and check below for the result.

If the table gives a result that is impossible, use number two, roll again, or whatever the GM wants. If there are no windows left, perhaps number 4 would be appropriate. Note that while the Psionic may turn the effect on, he/she cannot turn it off. The full time must elapse.
Roll  Effect
1 Knocking/tapping on walls, furniture, etc.
2 Objects flying around.
3 Windows break.
4 Glassware breaking (flying into walls, etc.)
5 Stones falling from the air (1D3 dp if they hit)
6 Lights and other electrical switches turn on/off.
7 Small fires starting.
8 Random gusts of wind (indoors), dust devils (outdoors). 
Mind Melder
Acts as a central channel through which other Psis may combine abilities. Cost 15 points, lasts for 1D6+1 minutes. psi's must be touching. Example: A Teleporter and a Pyrokenetic could link through a melder to cause a flame to appear a great distance away, or inside an object.

While melded, anything affecting the melder will affect the two PSIs he/she is in contact with. The melder's mind will be dominant, so he/she can use other psi's abilities.

Color Distortion
A globe of shimmering colors surround the psionic, making him harder to hit in combat (-3 to the attackers accuracy.) The cost is 5 points per 2 meter radius, range is variable, and duration is 1D3+1 rounds. This ability can also be used to change temporarily the color of objects within the area of effect.

The character can make himself/herself invisible. The character cannot be seen unless someone is viewing the area the character is in with Infra-red. Anyone trying to hit the character is at a -10 penalty. The character can sneak around, but if the character fails a stealth roll, he/she will be heard.

Psi Blast
This ability translates into two abilities. The first is local, in which the character can attack a single target within 2 meters. The target gets a roll to resist using his Psi total. If the target resists, no damage is done. However, if it fails, the target suffers damage equal to the amount of Psi points used. The second is an area attack against every single living creature within 5 meters of the character. Cost is 10 points plus 1 per 1 DP.

Weakness Understanding
The psionic instinctively knows exactly where and how to hit a target (be it door, human, whatever) to cause the most damage. The base cost is 5 points, plus one point per point of extra damage the psionic wishes to inflict. This bonus is in addition to the damage normally done by whatever weapon/object the psionic is using. Duration is one round, and must be spent before the to hit roll is made.

Psi Amplifier
The character has the ability to double one effect of another's psionic ability. This may be range, duration, damage, or effect (amount of weight lifted, etc.) They may also maintain the ability as it is, but halve the cost of other psionics. This cannot be used to increase the Psi amp's own power. Cost 10 points, duration-based on ability amplified. Range-touch.

Null Psi
Two abilities.

  1. The character may create an area in which psionic activity cannot be detected by another psionic. Cost 5 points per 3 meter square. Duration 1D3 minutes.
  2. The character may create an area where all psionic abilities are negated. Cost 10 points per 3 meter radius. Duration, 1D3 minutes.
Holo Psi
The psionic is able to project an image upon any flat surface. The image is obviously an image, not a reality; and appears in full color, and as if seen from the psi's point of view. Three dimension and motion have an additional power cost. Images are not limited to things the holo-psi has actually seen, but anything which can be imagined may be projected. Cost 2 points per minute, plus an additional 2 points for each additional feature such as motion, sound, three dimensional.

Perfect Balance
The character has perfect balance, allowing him to walk atop walls wider than five inches with a base chance of success at 99%. Walls from two to five inches have a chance of success at 95%. Surfaces of less than two inches can be crossed at a 90% chance of success.

It is nearly impossible to trip up a psi with this ability. Cost is the same as directional sense.

This ability allows the character to search for either water, petroleum, or a single, specified metal hidden underground. The dowser must physically walk across the area to be searched, taking ten full minutes to search an area 3 x 30 meters. He will know the approximate depth at which the substance is located, to a maximum of 800 meters. He will also get an impression of the amount of the substance (traces, little bit, large deposit, river, etc.)

Cost is 5 points for water, 10 points for other materials. Range, 800 meters depth, area 3 x 30 meters. Duration, 10 minutes.

Photographic Memory
The character has the ability to recall any page which he has seen for more than one second. The character has recall, but not comprehension. To obtain a working knowledge of the material scanned, a period of contemplation equal to the time it would take to read the material normally is needed. During this time, no other action, especially sleep, may be taken. This period of contemplation may be taken at any time after the original scan of the material. This ability will decrease the time needed to learn a new 'book skill' by up to one half, if the ref allows it. Cost is the same as directional sense.

Phonographic Memory
The character can remember and parrot back any conversation, speech, etc. which he/she has heard. The repetition is as accurate as a voice recorder, and the psionic is incapable of distorting either the words or the emotional nuances of the speaker's voice. Even tone, pitch, and accent are identical, and the psi can repeat a speech in a language which he/she does not understand. Cost is the same as directional sense.

Sense Danger
This operates in two modes, immediate and long range. In the immediate mode, the psi gets a feeling of foreboding about two minutes before personal bodily harm is to occur. This feeling increases as the event gets nearer in time. If action is taken to prevent the injury, the feeling subsides. Cost is the same as directional sense.

In long term mode, the psi must concentrate for ten minutes, and the feeling of dread will appear if the contemplated course of action will be likely to result in bodily harm within the next week. Note that if there is a decision to be made; the psi must concentrate separately on each course of action. The cost is 10 points

Radio Perceptive
The psionic is able to `hear' radio frequencies, and may either concentrate on a particular band width or scan all frequencies. Note that while he may be able to hear a particular transmission, if it were either encoded or scrambled, it wouldn't be understandable. The range is not limited by the receiving psi, but by the transmitter. If a normal radio receiver would be able to pick up the station without the use of a super sensitive antenna, then the psionic will be able to likewise. Cost 5 points per minute.

Lie Detector
The Psionic is able to tell when a given subject is speaking the truth, as the subject perceives the truth. The psi is able to perceive lies, evasions, and the like, but will not know what the truth is. He will be able to tell which part of the statement is true and which is not. Cost 10 points per minute. Range 3 meters.

By force of intense concentration, the mender can re-knit the molecules in a broken substance, repairing it perfectly. The power affects only non living objects, and all the pieces must be present and in position. The power cost is based upon the size of the break, the hardness of the material, and the complexity of the task. A broken handle on a china cup would cost about 2 points to repair, a cracked window 5, and a shattered window 15 (all pieces must be in the correct position). A broken link (one inch in diameter) in an iron chain would cost about 10 points to repair, as would a broken ladder rung, the larger size offsetting the hardness of the iron.

Usually undiscovered until serious injury is sustained, this psi has a double normal healing rate, with the additional benefit of being able to re-grow lost body parts. A finger or toe will re-grow at a rate of 1D6 millimeters per week, a hand at 1D3 mm per week, and a full limb at 1D6 mm per month. In general, the more complex the missing part, the slower it will re-grow.

To replace a missing eye, for example, might take a year or two until full normal functioning is restored. Also, if more than one part is being re-grown, divide the new growth equally between each area. Organs re-grow at a rate of 1D3 mm per week. After any limb is re-grown, it will take 6 plus 1D6 weeks to relearn how to use it. This time can be halved by physical therapy. Cost is the same as directional sense.

Psionic Descriptions: Major


Ability Cost Range Duration
Clairvoyance  2 per 3 meters variable  1D4+1 rounds
Clairaudiance  2 per 3 meters variable  1D4+1
Sense danger  5 points  3 meter radius 1 use
Locate danger  10 points  3 meter radius 1 use
Detect Psi  5 points  30 meters/LOS  1 use
Detect life  5 points  30 meters/LOS  1 use
Psycometry  20 points  1 object  1 use
Pathfind  30 points  personal  1D3+1 minutes
Augury  10 points  LOS  1D3+1 minutes
Combat Precog  5+1=1  One person  1D3+1 rounds
Luck  5+1=1  One person  1 round
This ability to separate the point of view from the physical eyes temporarily. The exact placement of the point of view must be stated by the Precog (as: 5 meters in front and 3 meters above me). The user will then be able to view his/her surroundings as if actually standing in that position. The point of view may not be changed except by a second use of the ability.

Basically the same as clairvoyance, with the exception that hearing is the projected sense. All of the other limitations are identical to Clairvoyance.

Sense Danger
When this ability is used, anything within a 3 meter radius which is of direct potential danger to the Precog will give a premonition of danger. The Precog will not know the nature or the location of the danger, but will know only that the threat exists.

Locate Danger
When this ability is used, the nature and position of the greatest potential danger within the area of effect will be known to the Precog. Other threats of lesser potential danger will not be revealed.

Detect Psi
When this ability is used, the general location of any source of psionic power will be revealed. The area of effect is 30 meters within the user's line of sight at the time the ability is used. Thus the Precog cannot tell if there is a psionic in a building.

Detect life
Will reveal the general location of all major life forms within the area of effect. Major life forms include all mammals and birds, as well as large specimens of other species. No other information will be gained from the use of the ability, such as type of life form.

This is the ability to receive residual psionic impressions from an object. The object must be touched for the ability to work. To determine the amount of information gained, percentile dice are rolled and the following chart consulted.
Some visual and audio also.
Roll  Amount of information
01-40  Basic, strong impressions, leaving events vague, little or no detail.
41-60  As above, but with more detail.
61-80  Strong impressions with clear detail. 
81-90  Information nearly complete, names and dates may be incorrect, or lacking.
91-100 Total history of the object, with names, dates, places, etc.
When this ability is used, the Precog will enter into a trance state. During this trance, he/she will describe the route between two stated points. Only one type of path may be described per use. Path 'type' means that a one word descriptive title may be used in designating the desired path. Such one word descriptions include 'quickest', 'safest', 'longest', or 'sheltered'.

As the Precog will not remember what he/she says while in trance, other characters must be present to record the information. The Precog will describe the route once, slowly and clearly. He/she will note major landmarks and turnings. The Precog may not be questioned later about the route and cannot repeat instructions. (The other players will need to write this down if they want to benefit from this, since the Precog will forget what he/she said.)

This ability allows the Precog to ask any question to which a one word answer may be given. The answer will be accurate and truthful.

This ability allows the Precog to see in a 360 degree arc from his/her body. It also negates the effects of darkness, smoke, fog, and other vision-obscuring phenomena. It does not allow the Precog to see through solid objects.

Combat Precog
When this ability is used, the Precog is made aware of his/her opponent's actions, micro seconds before they actually happen. Due to this effect, the Precog gains one point to his/her base score to hit and it is a negative to the opponents target to hit. This is at a base cost of 5 plus 1 per + or - 1 to the attack number.

This ability is similar to combat Precog except it will affect any saving throw made by the person affected. The cost is the same as combat Precog. A critical failure is a failure, no matter how many points are used.


Ability Cost Range Duration Saving throw
Detect life  30 meters  1D3 rounds --
Mind Shield  10  personal  1D6+1 rounds --
Suggestion  LOS  1 use PSI
Detect lie  1 person/LOS 1D3+1 minutes PSI
Mental Attack 1=1  1 person/LOS 1 use PSI
Area  5+1=1 2 meter radius 1 use PSI
Distance 10+1=1 LOS 2m radius 1 use PSI
Stun  15  1 person/LOS 1 use PSI
Communication 10 10-25 kilometers 1D6+1 minutes PSI +
15 26-50 kilometers
20 51-100 kilometers
25 101-500 kilometers
30 501-1000 kilometers
35 1000+ kilometers
Illusion  20  10 meter radius 1D4+1 minutes PSI
Mind Probe  20  Touch 1D3 minutes PSI
Locate Mind  5 X As per comm 1 use --
Mind Transfer 30  touch 1D6+1 minutes PSI
Control  25  touch 1D3+1 minutes PSI
Use Senses  5 X As per comm 1D3+1 minutes PSI
Nightmare  20  LOS 1 use PSI
X plus communication cost + PSI allowed only if requested by target
Detect life
This ability is identical to the Precog version, except for the difference in duration.

Mind Shield
Gives the user a 95% chance to block all incoming mental contact. It will not block physical objects or manifestations (such as sound, light, etc.). No other mental contact or psionic ability may be used while a mental shield is in effect.

Allows the Telepath to attempt to place one mental suggestion into the target's mind. If the target fails a PSI save, he/she will follow the suggestion.

Suggestions which are totally against the target's way of thinking will be ignored (example: self destructive commands, or the order to attack a close friend).

Detect Lie
Identical to the minor ability Detect lie.

Mental Attack
The user attempts to harm the target with a direct mental blast of mental energy. If the target fails a resistance roll, he/she will take one point of damage for each point of psionic power the Telepath puts into the attack.

Area Mental Attack
Similar to the above, except that all persons within a 2 meter radius of the Telepath will sustain damage if a resistance roll is failed.

Distance Mental Attack
Identical to the area mental attack, with the exception that the Telepath may locate the center of the blast anywhere within his/her line of sight. All persons within a 2 meter center of the area of effect must make a resistance roll or take damage.

The psionic attempts to overload the opponent's mind with random images and indecipherable sounds. If the target fails a PSI resistance check he/she will be stunned for 1D4 rounds, during which he/she will be unable to perform any action. The target will be unable to remember anything which took place while stunned, although the attack itself will be remembered.

Allows the exchange of surface thoughts and emotions. This will include pictures, sounds and other sensory information, although direct impressions of the individual's environment cannot be gained. Only one individual may be contacted per use of the power.

By use of this ability, the Telepath attempts to implant false sensory impressions into the targets mind. All of the senses may be affected. Physical reality will not be affected and may disrupt the illusion (example: the illusion of a door does not create a real door. A character attempting to open an illusionary door will be stopped by physical reality and the illusion will be destroyed). Damage inflicted by illusions will affect the target individual, due to the power of belief.

Mind Probe
A mind probe is an attempt to go deeper into the target's mind than the surface thoughts allowed by the communication ability. Areas such as the memory, the subconscious, and other hidden areas of the subject's mind may be available to the Telepath.

Locate Mind
This ability will give the Telepath the exact location of a specific mind. Basically an extension of the communication ability, the cost for merely locating a known mind is proportionate to the distance involved (use the cost for communication at the same range). When combined with communication, however the cost of locating the mind is only 5 points, and the cost of the communication is added to this.

Mind Transfer
This allows the total transfer of minds between the Telepath and the target. After a one-round adjustment period, both bodies will be able to function normally. At the end of the ability's duration, both minds will return to their appropriate bodies (as long as both characters are still alive). If one of the mind/body combinations should die, the remaining mind is trapped in it's new body.

Allows the Telepath to assume control of the target individual. This control is total with the following exception: any time the controller attempts to perform an action which is totally against the beliefs of the controlled, the target is allowed another saving throw. If the target succeeds, the control is broken.

To initiate control, the target must be touched. If the attempt is successful, the controller's body falls into a sleep like state from which it cannot be roused until the control has ended. After the initial touch, the controlled individual may move normally away from the controller's body. After control is broken, the controller's mind will return to it's body and he/she will be able to function normally in the following round.

Use Senses
This ability is basically an extension of the communication ability, and allows the Telepath to receive sensory information from the subject which he/she is not consciously aware of, such as relative air temperature, humidity, etc. This information can be useful in determining the subject's location or condition. When used alone, refer to the communication table for cost at the range used; when combined with the communication ability, the cost is only 5 points, plus the normal communication cost.

With this ability, the Telepath attempts to unlock the target's subconscious, bringing to the surface all the hidden fears, aggressions, and secrets. The effect of this are grave; first the target will be in shock and unable to act for 1D10 minutes. Second, the target must make a PSI resistance check or go insane. A character going insane in this manner must roll on the following table.

It should be noted that these effects are permanent unless/until psychiatric help is found, and then the cure may take a great deal of time.
Roll  Result
01-25  The target is a catatonic vegetable
26-50  Violent aggression against any/all targets.
51-75  Incapacitated-hysterical weeping
76-95  Totally paranoid-trusts no one.
96-100 Referee's choice


Ability Cost Range Duration Saving throw
Personal Teleport 20  LOS or known 1 use  --
Teleport Other  30  LOS or known 1 use  PSI
Teleport Object  1 per 2 kg  LOS or known 1 use  --
Summon Object  10 +1 per 2 kg LOS or known 1 use  --
Teleport Attack  LOS  1 use  PSI
Out of Phase  10  Personal  1D3+1 minutes --
Personal Teleport
This ability allows the psionic to transfer him/her self from one point to another that is either within his/her line of sight or known personally. When Teleportation is used, the person vanishes from the present location and appears in the chosen location. The teleporter may carry with him/her all personal gear which he/she is holding at the time the ability is used The weight limit is based upon what the character could normally carry, and is dependent upon the physical attributes of the character. Only one living being may be transported by a single Teleport.

Teleport Other
This ability allows the teleporter to transport another living being other than him/her self. The same rules as for personal Teleport apply, and the target is allowed a saving throw if he is unwilling to be teleported.

Teleport Object
This allows the psionic to Teleport inanimate objects in the same manner as living beings. The objet to be teleported must be touched. To determine the cost of the ability ,divide the weight of the object in kg by 2, rounding up. The result is the cost in PSI power points. The destination must be within the teleporter's line of sight, or a location known personally by the psionic.

Summon Object
Allows the teleporter to transport an inanimate object to him/her self from a distant location. The summoned object must be within the user's line of sight or well known by the teleporter. As much of the object as possible will appear within one meter of the summoner. This will allow an object to be summoned to the teleporters hand.

Teleport Attack
By using this ability, the teleporter attempts to directly harm another living being by the use of his/her ability. The target is allowed a PSI resistance roll to avoid damage. If the roll fails, a hit location is rolled, and 2D6+2 points of damage is applied to that location. Armor does NOT prevent this damage. Aimed attacks are not allowed.

Out of Phase
This ability allows the teleporter to shift the physical substance of his/her body and equipment into a non-material state. In this state he/she may see, hear, and otherwise use normal senses. He/she may not speak, but may move at normal movement rates, even through physical obstacles. The teleporter may neither attack nor be attacked; either physically or via Psionics. If the duration of the ability reaches it's limit while the user is inside a physical object, he/she will be pushed out of the object along the shortest path.


Ability Cost Range Duration Saving throw
Move object  Variable  Variable  1D3+1 rounds  PSI
Manipulate  5 /round  Clear LOS  Variable  ACC
Sound  LOS  1 use  -- 
TK Missile  LOS  1 use  DEX
TK Shield  15  Personal  1 minute  -- 
Levitate  Personal  1D3+1 minutes  -- 
Levitate Others  10  1 person  1D2+1 minutes  PSI
Flight  10/minute  Personal  Variable  -- 
Heat  5/2 meters Sq. Variable  Variable  DEX
Cold  5/2 meters Sq. Variable  Variable  DEX
Blast  15  LOS/ 2 meter radius  1 use  DEX
TK Light  LOS  1D6+1 minutes  -- 
Move Object
Allows the Telekinetic to move objects from place to place. Objects will move at 5 meters per round. Only gross control of the objects movement is allowed by this ability. Cost is computed based upon the weight of the object, on the following chart.
Weight (KG) Cost
1-10 1
11-25 5
26-50 10
51-100 15
101-250 20
251-500 25
501-1000 35
each additional 500 +5
Manipulate Object
By use of this power, the TK gains fine control over an object. The object must weigh less than one pound and be within the TK's clear line of sight. This ability would allow such actions as the untying of knots or the manipulation of dials and switches. The TK must make a ACC roll to successfully manipulate the object.

This ability allows the TK to produce voices and other sounds by vibrating the molecules within a small section of air. Only a voice which the character can recall vividly in his/her own mind can be reproduced.

TK Missile
By using this ability the TK attempts to harm an opponent by accelerating a small object at the target. The TK must make an ACC roll, and then the Target may try to dodge by rolling a DEX roll. The amount missed/made by the attackers roll is a positive/negative to the Targets DEX roll. If the target is hit, roll hit location and apply 1D6+2 points damage. The accelerated object must be touched by the Telekinetic, and must weigh less than 1/4 KG.

TK Shield
This ability forms a TK shield around the user about 1/3rd a meter from the body. This shield acts a Resistaweave in the event the character is hit in combat. It covers all locations.

Allows the TK to rise up or down in mid-air. If the TK is near a solid surface such as a wall or ceiling, he/she may pull him/her self along. A levitating individual may be towed by other people on the ground, in which case the speed will be that of the person towing. It should be noted that levitating individuals can be greatly affected by strong winds and shock waves unless they have a steady anchor point.

Levitate Others
This is identical to levitate, except that if the target is unwilling, they are allowed a PSI resistance check to negate the effects.

Allows the TK controlled flight at a top speed which is equal to running speed. an DEX roll should be called for whenever the character attempts a complicated or difficult maneuver.

By concentrating on a specific area, the TK can cause it to heat up by speeding up the normal motion of the molecules. The cost is 5 points per round per 2 meter square being heated Damage is 1D6 per round, cumulative until the tenth round, where upon it will remain a steady 10D6 per round thereafter. After the fifth round, there is a 25% chance that flammable material will ignite, and this percentage increase by 10% per round until the tenth, when it remains at a steady 75%. Characters within the area of effect have to make a DEX roll to avoid taking damage on the first round, and may leave the area normally on the second round, regardless of the result of the DEX roll in the first round. The psionic must remain concentrating while the ability is in operation, and may take no other actions of any kind. If the character is wounded while concentrating on this ability, a PSI roll is required to maintain concentration.

This is the reverse of heat, and most of the same rules apply. The TK produces an area of cold by slowing down the movement of molecules within the target area. Cost and damage are the same as heat. Freezing an area solid has the same chance as heat.

This allows the TK to rapidly excite the molecules in an object, causing it to explode. This explosion has a 1 meter radius and will cause 3D6 damage to anyone in the blast area. Living targets will receive a DEX roll to avoid damage. The object may not be larger than 300mm square or weigh more than 2 kg. Living tissue may not be exploded.

TK Light
This ability causes the molecules in a 3 meter radius to become mildly excited, causing a slight glow. While this ability will generate good illumination in a dark situation, it is not strong enough to inflict any form of damage.

Self Awareness

Ability Cost Duration
Raise Attribute  1=1  1D3+1 rounds
Heal Self  1=1  Permanent
Alter Mass  1 per 3cm  1D3+1 minutes
Change Appearance  10  1D6+1 minutes
Feign Death  20  up to one day
Stasis  30  Special
Speed  10  1D3+1 rounds
Forced march  10  1 day
Go w/o food+water  10  1 day (maximum of 3)
Go w/o sleep  10  1 day (maximum of 3)
Resist heat  10  1D3+1 minutes
Resist cold  10  1D3+1 minutes
Resist Pain  1D3+1 minutes
Raise attribute
This allows the psionic to temporarily raise one attribute per use. Only Physical Attributes may be modified, and they can be raised to a maximum of 20.

Heal Self
By use of this ability, the Self aware may heal damage to his/her body. Damage is restored both to the area healed and to the total hit points. Blood is replaced by this method also. 1 power point will heal 1 dp. Regeneration is not possible with this ability.

Alter Mass
Allows the psionic to change the density of his/her body mass. As density becomes lighter, the character will become taller, and as density becomes heavier, the character will become shorter. The character's weight will stay the same at all times. A maximum height of twice normal (half normal density) and a minimum of half normal height (twice normal density) is permitted. Please not that this ability will affect only the character's physical body, not any clothing or equipment in contact with him/her.

Change Appearance
By use of this ability, the character may change the appearance of his/her skin surface. Pigmentation, texture, distribution of fatty tissue, wrinkles, etc. may be affected. Height, weight and bone structure may not be changed unless using alter mass.

Feign Death
Allows the Psionic to enter a death like trance. Only a trained medic (EMT, Doctor, or nurse) will be able to detect the deception. The user must state the time duration of the trance before entering this state. While in the death trance, the user is not aware of anything happening around him/her. Trance will be broken if the psionic suffers any physical harm.

Places the psionic in deep suspended animation. While in this state he/she will not age, and progressive damage (such as blood loss, disease, or severe wounds) will be stable. A person in Stasis requires little air and no food and water. The stasis will be broken if the character receives more than 6 points of damage while in this state. Before entering the trance, the Psi must state the duration of the trance. There are no known limits to the duration of the stasis.

Allows the Psi to double his/her movement rate. Speed also allows double the number of actions per round.

Forced March
This will allow the psionic to double the amount of ground covered in a single day. To accomplish this, the character enters into an active trance state and sets out towards a stated destination. The character will ignore all outside stimuli that do not pertain to reaching his/her goal. Upon reaching the stated goal, or 24 hours has passed, the ability will terminate.

Go without food/water
This ability allows the character to ignore the body's need for food and water for a maximum of three consecutive days. If the Psionic tries to go beyond this limit, he/she will lose 1 point of CON per hour of the fourth day. Should the CON score reach zero, the character will fall into a coma for 1D3+1 days, and will require medical attention and intravenous feeding. If such medical attention is not available, the character will die.

Go Without Sleep
The character can ignore his/her body's need for rest or sleep for up to three consecutive days. The consequences of trying to push beyond this three day limit are identical to those stated above for 'go without food or water'.

Resist Heat
The character can ignore the effects of working in an unusually hot environment. Note that the ability will not prevent the character from suffering burn damage, but he/she will not be aware of it until the duration of the ability expires.

Resist Cold
Identical to resist heat, except that the effects of cold is ignored.

Resist Pain
Allows the psionic to ignore the effects of pain upon the body. Limbs may be forced to function normally after a major wound or being broken. It cost 1 dp per round that the limb is used however. This extra damage will not cause an amputation however.


Ability Cost Saving throw
Heal  1=1 DP  --
Harm  1=1 DP  PSI
Reverse Major Wound  10 + 2x area DP  --
Cause Major Wound  10 + 2x area DP  PSI
Cure Disease  20  --
Cause Disease  20  PSI
Cure Blindness  10  --
Cause Blindness  10  PSI
Restore  30  --
Wither  30  PSI
Drain  2=1 DP  PSI
Return Life  40+10 /day  Special
This ability will restore lost hit points and reverse the effects of damage to the hit point total. It will not restore the use of a disabled area due to a major wound. This ability may be used on characters who are up to, but not over, their CON score in negative DP, at the cost of 3 power points per point of negative damage healed.

By means of this ability, the character attempts to use his/her psionic powers to subtract hit points from an opponent. The subtraction is from the hit point total only, not a specific area. It is possible to kill an opponent using this method, by reducing his DP's to zero.

Reverse Major Wounds
This ability will restore damage to a specific area, repairing any breaks or amputations, as long as the limb is intact and available.

Cause Major Wounds
This ability will cause enough damage to the target area to break the limb. It will not cause an amputation however. It can be used on a vital location such as the neck to attempt to cause instant death.

Cure Disease
This ability will eliminate one disease, including cancers, as well as all accompany symptoms.

Cause Disease
Use of this ability will cause a quick-acting, cancer like disease based on rapid random cell growth. If the target fails a CON resistance check, the target will fall unconscious in 3D10 minutes and will waste away and die in a number of days equal to his/her CON score. The only known cure is to have a psionic healer use his/her cure disease ability.

Cure Blindness
This ability will restore the sight in one eye, provided that the optic tissue is present. If the eye has been totally lost, a 'restore' is needed.

Cause Blindness
Will destroy sight in one eye by scrambling the message carrying impulses in the optic nerve. This does not effect the optic tissues themselves. The only known cure is 'Cure Blindness' from a Psionic healer.

This ability will cause lost or destroyed areas of the character's body to regenerate. This process takes 1d6+1 weeks. The character must be alive for this ability to work, as it will not restore life to a dead body.

Will cause a specified area to shrivel and become inoperative. This will take 1D6+1 weeks to fully take effect, although symptoms are noticed almost immediately. This ability may not be used to cause death in a character. The only know cure is the 'restore' ability.

Allows the healer to take DP from the targets total and add them to his/her total. This will first heal any damage the healer has suffered, including major wounds. Hit points gained above the healer's maximum will not affect area totals, and will last only until the healer sleeps, or 24 hours have passed. Additionally, these points can be used to heal another character instead of using power points. This ability may not be used to kill a character.

Restore Life
This ability allows the healer to restore a slain character to life. The cost is a base of 40 points, plus an additional 10 points per each day the character has been dead. Characters may not be returned to life after the fifth day. Characters returned to life by means of this ability must then be stabilized, by either restoring the total dp to at least one to allow natural healing, and the head, and heart must be intact and present. Needless to say, returning a dead character to life is a very expensive process.


Ability Cost Range Duration Saving throw
Detect Emotion  LOS  1 minute  --
Intensify Emotion  10  1 Person  1D3+1 minutes  PSI
Area  15  3 meter radius  1D3+1 minutes  PSI
Create Emotion  15  1 person  1D3+1 minutes  PSI
Area  20  3 meter radius  1D3+1 minutes  PSI
Emotional Overload  15  1 person  1D6+1 rounds  PSI
Empathic Transfer  1=1  1 person  1 use  PSI
Empathic Healing  1=1  1 person  1 use  --
Detect Emotion
Allows the Empath to detect the existence of a specific emotion within the range/duration constraints. The emotion detected for must be stated before the ability is used. (Usual emotions looked for are love, fear, anger, etc.

Intensify Emotion
Allows the Empath to exaggerate an existing emotion until it becomes almost overwhelming in the target individual. When the duration of the ability is reached the effected emotion will return to normal, but may continue to sway the individual (this is because the emotion already exists. See 'create emotion' for further details).

Area Intensify
The same as intensify emotion above, but all individuals within a 3 meter radius of the Empath are affected.

Create Emotion
It will create the desired emotional state in an individual who has no strong emotional feelings at the time. It can also neutralize an existing emotion, if the opposite is created (as calm to remove fear, peace to remove anger).

There is a chance that a created emotion will continue to affect an individual after the normal duration has expired. The victim must roll a PSI resistance check. If the check fails, the emotion will continue to affect the target for 1D6 weeks. Unless continuing reinforcement is received, the individual will revert to his/her normal emotional state at the end of this time.

Area Create
As above, but all individuals within a 3 meter radius of the Empath are affected.

Emotional Overload
This ability releases all the targets emotions and subconscious feelings in one great flood. To escape this onslaught, the mind switches off, rendering the target unconscious. There is also a chance the victim will go insane if the target fails a PSI resistance check. If the check is failed, the target falls into a catatonic trance which can only be cured with psychiatric help.

Empathic Transfer
Permits the Empath to cure him/her self by transferring the damage to another character. The damage is transferred in exactly the form it was inflicted, so a broken bone in the Empath will become a broken bone in the target. The target individual is allowed all normal resistance checks, but will suffer the full effects of the wound just as if he/she was the one initially wounded.

Empathic Healing
Allows the Empath to heal another character by accepting the damage onto his/her body. The Empath will suffer from the damage as if he/she were the one who was originally hurt. Due to the self preservation instinct, the Empath must make a PSI resistance to accept a major wound. There are few, if any, circumstances under which a Empath can be persuaded to accept a killing wound.


Ability Cost Range Duration Saving throw
Detect Animals  30 meters  1D3 minutes  --
Transmit  12-INT*  300 meters  2D3+2 minutes  --
Receive  12-INT*  300 meters  1D3+1 minutes  --
Two Way  20-INT*  300 meters  1D6+1 minutes  --
Suggestion  5+telepathy cost  1 creature/30 m  1 use  INT.
Healing  3=2 dp  Touch  Permanent  --
Stun Animal  15  1 creature LOS  1 use 1D4 rounds  INT.
Mind Transfer  30  Touch  1D6+1 minutes  INT.
Summon Animal  15  2 KM  1D6+1 minutes  INT.
Control Animal  20  Touch  1D6+1 minutes  INT.
Detect Animal Life
This ability will reveal the general location of all animal life forms above the intelligence of class 3 (birds), s well as larger specimens of the lower classes ( a snake over 6 feet in length, any adult crocodile, a mature shark, etc.). This differs from the Precog and Telepath abilities to detect life in two respects. First, the Animalist will not detect humans. Second he/she will be able to differentiate between the different types of animals detected - within reason (one can tell that the animal is a small rodent, whether a rat, mouse, or squirrel is impossible to tell).

Telepathy Transmit only
The cost is 12 points, minus the animal's intelligence level. It is limited by the ability of the animal to understand what is being transmitted. The Psi can talk to any animal, giving instructions, information, etc. Note that there is no compulsion for the animal to obey the instructions given it. Animals with intelligence of 3 or less can understand only emotional impressions, such as hunger, fear, lust, pain, or territorial aggressiveness. Those with an intelligence class between 4 and 6 can understand only very simple statements (look up, danger ahead, come here, stop), usually limited to no more than three single syllable words. Animals with an intelligence score of 7 or 8 can understand more complex messages (enemy behind tree, bring a visualized item to me) limited to about the understanding of a five year old human. The highest primates (intelligence () can understand almost anything a human child of about 12 to 14 years of age can understand.

Telepathy Receive only
Similar to the telepath's 'use senses' ability, the Animalist can receive sensory impressions and thoughts of the animal. From animals with an intelligence class of 5 or less, the psionic will be able to see through the creature's eyes and has a 50% chance of knowing the animals basic emotional state. Note that trying to make sense of the image seen through an insect compound eyes for example, will be difficult at best. Animals with an intelligence of class 6, 7, or 8 will have much clearer sensory information (to a human that is), and the Animalist will get very simple surface thoughts (young in danger, man in tree), as well as the basic emotional state. The higher primates are so like humans that the psi will experience little difficulty in interpreting the sensory data he receives, and will be able to pick up not only surface thoughts, but possibly recent memories and other information of that kind, depending on the situation.

Two Way
The psi can both send and receive information, subject to the limitations noted above. Extended range is possible, at a cost of 1 point per 20 meters of extension. An animal known to the psi, such as a personal pet, can be contacted anywhere within the line of sight at this increased power.

The cost for this power is 5 points, plus the cost of establishing communication. This is almost identical to the Telepaths's suggestion ability. The Psi may attempt to place one mental suggestion into the target's mind, within the limits outlined in the Animal telepathy section above. If the target fails to save, it sill follow the suggestion, within reason. Self preservation and the protection of young will still be overriding factors. The saving throw for animals is listed at the of this list.

The Psi can heal wounds on any creature at a cost of 3 points per 2 DP healed. For general comparison purposes, an animal will have hit points equal to 1D3 times its intelligence rating, with larger specimens having slightly more hit points than smaller ones. Note that life threatening wounds may take up to three times as much power to heal (see the healer discipline for the differences in cost between major and minor wounds in humans).

Stun Animal
Similar to the telepath's 'stun' ability, this will render an animal unable to act for 1D4 rounds, during which time the creature will fall to the ground and remain motionless. After 1D4 rounds of total stun have elapsed, there is an additional round of recovery, during which the animal regains its feet, and may then act in the following round.

Mind Transfer
This ability, limited to warm-blooded animals only, is similar to the telepath's ability of the same name. The Psi and his chosen animal will change bodies, and will be able to function inside the body after one round of adjustment. Note that a quadrupedal animal will not be able to walk upright when in a human body, but may crawl on hands and knees. Also the Psi will be able to make only those sounds appropriate to the animal body in which he is resident. At the end of the allotted time, both minds will automatically return to their respective bodies. If one of the bodies has died, the remaining mind is trapped in the alien body, under no circumstances may the Animalist attempt to take over another human being.

Summon Animal
Before the attempt is made, the Animalist must state the type of animal he wishes to summon. If there is one in range, it will respond to the summons, if able, and remain for the duration of the power. It is under no compunction to obey the Animalist, and may even attack if provoked. If there is more than one animal in the area, each animal who fails the save will respond to the summon. Note that an animal which makes the save may decide to respond anyway, due to curiosity.
INT level Type of Animal
0 Bacteria, other single celled creatures.
1 Insects, mollusks, worms, spiders
2 Fishes, reptiles, amphibians.
3 All Birds
4 Small Mammals
5 Herd Mammals
6 Large Mammals (dogs, cats, seals, horses, elephants).
7 Lesser primates (baboons, monkeys, and lemurs).
8 Cetaceans (dolphins, whales, etc.).
9 Higher primates (Orangutan, gorilla, chimps).
Saving Throws for Animals
The saving throw for any animal is its INT., rolled on a D20. If the roll is below its INT., the animal resists. Above the animals INT., it fails.

Modifiers to the save include:
Animalist well known to creature (personal pet) +5
Animalist has been friendly to creature  +3
Animal wounded  -5
Animals mate or offspring hurt or in danger  -3
These modifiers are cumulative.

Creating New Abilities

I offer only two general rules to the Pd whose players are dreaming up new variants of their abilities.
  1. New abilities must remain within the scope of the general field. Thus a Telepath would not be able to create a fire based ability, where as a pyrokinetic will be able to.
  2. New abilities should be consistent with existing abilities in terms of cost, range, duration, effects and limits.


A Telepath wishes to create an ability that will allow her to cure insanity.

Description: By entering the mind of someone who is insane, the Psi can slowly begin to heal any physical damage which caused the insanity. They can also help the victim deal and get past the cause of the insanity, such as a victim of the nightmare attack.

Effects: Cures insanity in a person, be it caused from damage, or the minds inability to deal with extreme shock or horror.

Limitations: The Psi must first enter the mind of the victim through physical contact, and then spend the points required to do both a communication and a mind probe. Finally, the Telepath must then make a PSI resistance check. If it fails, the Telepath is unable to enter the victims mind, as the Telepath believes he may also be driven insane.
Ability Cost Range Duration Saving throw
Cure Insanity 30 Touch Permanent None
It takes a psionic 30+3D10 days to experiment and learn to control a new ability. From this base number is subtracted the PSI score. The result is the amount of time the character must be out of regular game play in order to research the new ability.